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Picture of 'I Think You Are Suffering From A Lack Of Vitamin P'
Picture of 'Having Some Serious Fantasies About What You Could Do To Me In This Position. Hope You Don’t Mind Doing It On The Balcony.'
Picture of 'This Is What Happens When You Let Me Go Home From Work Early.'
Picture of 'Tired Of Doing It Myself. Maybe We Could Give Each Other A Hand.'
Picture of 'Want To Put This Weekend To Bed?'
Picture of 'Feeling Like A Game Tonight. I Think Pop Goes The Weasel Is A Good One.'
Picture of 'I’d Love To Know That I Helped You Let Off Some Steam At Work Today.'
Picture of 'Who’s Ready For Their Oral Exam Today?'
Picture of 'Hubby’s Gone Til Sunday And I Am Not Going To Make It. Anyone Willing To Lend A Hand?'
Picture of 'I Want To Start Today With Some Head. You Can Choose What We Do Next.'
Picture of 'Can’t Wait To See You In The Break Room Today.'
Picture of '49 And Natural. Still The Perfect Handful.'

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