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Picture of 'I Tried Letting You Sleep In, But I Don't Think I Can Wait Any Longer For You To Get Up'
Picture of 'Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, My Kitty Wants Dick; And Your Dick Wants Her Too!'
Picture of 'I Can Assure You That They Are Soft!'
Picture of 'When I'm Alone In My Room, This Is What I Do'
Picture of 'I Hope It Makes You Happy'
Picture of 'I'm Going To Make Your Dick Very Hard'
Picture of 'I Never Thought They Were Special, But Decided To Share Anyways'
Picture of 'You Look Tired And Need To Rest'
Picture of 'How To Make A Good First Impression!'
Picture of 'Time To Relax A Little.'
Picture of 'I Love It When A Man Tells Me To Take Off My Pants'
Picture of 'I'm Made For You'

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